The Export Agency under the Government of Tajikistan received from the European Union a certificate of registration of Tajik manufacturers in the REX (Registered Exporter System) system.

Six enterprises have so far received permission to enter the European market: Javoni JV, Vakhdat Textile LLC, Mevayu Sabzavot LLC, Avvalin, Apricot & Company and Organic Yarn. They have been issued appropriate certificates.

“Tajikistan is proud that in such a difficult time and in such conditions we managed to obtain a certificate of this system and create conditions for the entry of six domestic companies into European markets. We hope that other domestic companies will also join this system, ”- commented the director of the agency Shavkat Bobozoda on the presentation of certificates to the company’s leaders.

Exporters registered in the REX system receive a discount of up to 10% when importing their products to European markets.

Companies, after receiving the number, pre-send all information about the product to the system. Having concluded agreements, they can easily import their goods to Europe.

According to the official website of the Agency, the system of registered exporters of the European Union is a procedure for certifying the origin of goods.

This system facilitates trade facilitation and helps to reduce the time and associated costs of exporting organizations’ export operations.

Currently, the System of Registered Exporters of the European Union in the Republic of Tajikistan is administered by the Export Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, and exporters can use this system.

According to estimates of Shavkat Rakhimov, deputy general director of Javoni, joining his company to the system will reduce the amount of customs costs by 12%.

Tajikistan became the third Central Asian country, after Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, whose companies gained access to the REX system.


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