This book was prepared under the framework of TCP/UZB/3501: Institutional capacity building to develop organic agriculture and to promote good agriculture practices in Uzbekistan to provide guidance to the stakeholders. This book brings together the status of organic agriculture in Uzbekistan including, market, legal standards, methods, experiences and useful methods and basic information that can be of immediate use for identifying problems and for formulating, executing and evaluating actions so as to benefit and improve organic production. The publication can also serve as a reference that will allow researchers, specialists and farmers to discover jointly, ways to adopt organic agriculture practices and solve the problems and the limitations created by traditional agriculture. This book is meant for researchers, agricultural specialists, extension personnel as well as farmers, and deals with the management and conservation of agricultural land. It is hoped that the Book will help to attain the ultimate objective of increasing quality of agricultural products and improving the productivity of the soils and water in a rapid, efficient and sustainable. Also Available in Russian


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